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FAQs and More

Can I send more than one package? 
If you'd like to send multiple packages to one location, please add all to the cart and check out.

If you'd like to send to multiple destinations, please complete check out for each destination. Shipping is included!


Can I create a custom package with specific items of my choosing? 
At this time we are not providing customization for the care packages. 


Will I be able to track the package and know when it arrives? 
Yes, you will get an email from UPS with tracking information when package is shipped.


Will Eluna be sharing my personal information?

We do not share your contact information or donation history. 


How can I get involved with Eluna Programs? 
Please visit Eluna's Website to find out more about our programming. Or fill out our Contact Us form to get involved. 


I'd like to leave feedback on the care package program.  
Please contact with any feedback. 


Is my Care Package order tax deductible?

Donations made for care packages sent as a gift are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  If purchasing a care package for one's own household, a portion of the donation may be tax-deductible (your donation less the fair market value of the care package). Care package donations are non-refundable. Our nonprofit tax ID is 91-2065051. 

Disclaimer: The resources in these care packages have been compiled by clinical and non-clinical staff at Eluna who are dedicated to supporting children and families.  Personal situations vary and these resources may not be helpful for everyone.  The contents are a not an exhaustive set of resources and there are many other resources available through other organizations and websites.  While we hope that you find these resources useful, we encourage you to find the resources that work for you..